Due to climatic changes and human activities the soil suffers and this is evident where there is soil compaction which restricts root growth, reduces nutrient availability and increases farmer dependence on chemicals. This results in imbalances which necessitates conditioning of the soil.

Soil conditioners can provide several benefits when applied to soil. The most common is the improvement of the soil’s structure. Soil conditioners can add more texture to the soil, keeping it loose, which allows plants to take up more nutrients and water.

The global demand for clean agriculture is of much concern at the moment to protect the ecosystem hence; natural soil conditioners are highly recommended and have proven to be most effective agents in stabilizing soil organic matter.


ASILEE is an organic soil conditioner comprising natural ingredients such as turmeric, mangium, marigold, ginger, sesame, soya, neem, pongamia, mahwah, castor, shea, cashew, mustard and natural ores such as magnesium ore and silica. When Asilee is incorporated into the soil, the decomposition process starts as soon as moisture is available. This produces acids helping to regulate soil pH and electrical conductivity (EC). Carbon dioxide is released in the decomposition process creating a greenhouse type effect beneficial for good root systems. Humic acid is generated and many polysaccharides are evolved leading to improved soil fertility.

Due to the high Carbon / Nitrogen ratio that Asilee provides, the availability and uptake of N, P, K and micronutrients is enhanced. This in turn improves humus content of the soil leading to better soil fertility. Over time, continuous Asilee application helps to revive dead soils, improve soil texture and structure. When the texture and structure of soils improves, it eventually assists in improved drainage, aeration and water holding capacity of soils. This in turn enhances root growth eventually leading to healthier and improved yields.

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