Watermelons / Cucumber/ Pumpkin/ Zucchini

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Before transplanting apply ½ g of dry Absorber with backfill of planting hole. Mix thoroughly with backfill to ensure even spread.

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For nematode control, drench in the root zone 100ml of Achook solution per plant, 10-14 days after transplanting at the rate of 100ml Achook per 100 litre of water.
For insect control like diamond black moth, aphids and other caterpillars etc., spray Achook at 14 day interval at the rate of 1ml / litre of water at first signs of pest. Ensure full coverage.

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Apply 10g per plant, 2 weeks after transplanting

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At time of planting or top dressing, granular fertilizers should be coated with 1kg Earthlee for every 50kg fertilizers.

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Nhance Foliar | Drench Foliar | Drench

Drench seedling with Nhance Foliar & Drench solution in the nursery at the rate of 5ml / litre of water one day before transplanting.

Follow with 2 foliar applications at 2 week intervals 2 weeks from drench at 2ml / 1L water.

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