Water is a precious commodity, a resource to be conserved and properly utilised regardless of the where and when it is applied. 

How can we conserve water? Organix Limited’s Absorber and Okoamaji are two products that serve this purpose in the farm. They both have good ability to reduce watering frequency, improve aeration, reduce leaching and effect uniform germination of seed after planting.

Watering frequency is reduced depending on the type of soil and weather conditions  determine to a large extent the number of times required to water crops. Sandy soils for instance, require more water than loamy or clay soils. Higher amounts of water is also lost during hot weather conditions when plants transpire, through their leaves. 

On average Absorber & okoamaji can reduce watering frequency by upto 50%.

For someone residing in the Northern part of Kenya like in Turkana where the climate is known to be hot and dry in several parts, these products will be most useful. Supposing one needs to water trees in this region daily during the hot months of January & February, with Absorber water application is necessary only every other day. One will not only be saving  water but effectively reducing leaching and consumption of electricity or diesel in case of pumping. The more water is applied the more leaching occurs.

If the water pH is high and there is sodium and bicarbonates in the water, then  too much water in the soil will increase soil pH. Concentration of sodium and bicarbonates will build up to subsequently hinder nutrient uptake by the plant roots.

How do Absorber and Okoamaji help with aeration of the soil?
The process of continuous absorption and release of water from the Absorber & Okoamaji particles lead to expansion and contraction which create air pockets in the soil. The formed air spaces lead to good rooting which form basis of good plant health as nutrients make their way upwards, leading to higher yields.

To expound on the effects on leaching 
The particles of Absorber & Okoamaji will absorb nutrients dissolved in the water and will release with water. These nutrients may otherwise be washed down in the soil in the absence of these products. The nutrient use efficiency is increased when either of these products is incorporated in the soil.

Uniform germination of seeds
Small amounts of Absorber or okoamaji when applied with seeds during planting ensures uniform germination and healthy start for the plant. Dry spells immediately after germination have minimal effect because crop mortality is reduced by the presence of preserved water in the incorporated particles.

Where can Absorber be used? 
Tree planting, fruit trees, coffee, tea, landscaping, vegetables, cereals like maize, wheat , …. on any plant
Okoamaji is used in short duration crops whilst for long duration crops, Absorber is recommended.