Early this year Organix was at Lekuru area near Kisima town in Samburu County located in the northern part of Kenya. The place is 300km north of Nairobi. Mr. Aasit Shah and Mr. Saraitei Memiri spent two days at the Sadhana Forest Kenya where they volunteered to help address the area’s environmental and food security issues. The Sadhana Forest Kenya project founders, Yorit and Aviram Rozin aim to transform the land from being barren to fruitful. The project promotes food forestry and the reversal of environmental degradation through training and practical implementation in three different countries, including Kenya.

Aasit and Saraitei met Lark Rodman, the manager, his team and members of the community to prepare the designated area for tree planting on the following day. Out of the 16 Moringa trees planted 8 were treated with Absorber, Earthlee and Nhance Foliar.

The entire experience was humbling and refreshing for the Organix Limited team who were in the company of others that decided to forfeit the luxury of their usual dwellings and warm beds. As they soon found out, it was not your everyday camping adventure, this was a taste of reality; a reality of the inhabitants of Samburu who have to endure the dry and hot climates as part of their daily living. The rainfall pattern is unpredictable and at times the County receives no rain in a whole year. The local people have to eke a living despite the harsh conditions. Thanks to the efforts of the Sadhana Forest project the local community is motivated and empowered to improve food production through afforestation beside their modest sized farms or ‘shambas’.

Organix Limited team join Sadhana Forest Kenya to prepare the tree planting site on Day One

Aasit and Saraitei demonstrated the correct application of Absorber and Earthlee during the tree planting. The entire group comprising of about 12 people from the local community and visitors from far and wide – had the opportunity to learn how to prepare the soil with Organix products prior to planting tree seedlings. Absorber, a water retainer was most appropriate for the very dry area. The very dry conditions at the site mean that anything that is planted does not get sufficient water.

Mr. Aasit Shah, seated left in a meeting with Mr.Bruce Thomas (standing) and Mr. Aviram Rozin (seated right) at Organix offices. Discussing Organix products before visit to the Sadhana Forest Kenya in Samburu County

Absorber has the property of retaining water and easily releasing the absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing plants to have water and nutrients available for a longer time, despite dry weather. When incorporated into the soil or substrate, it absorbs and retains up to 500 times its size of water.

Nhance Foliar a seaweed extract. It enhances root development with improved utilization of soil nutrients and fertilizers resulting in better top growth.

Earthlee is naturally occurring 80% Humate powder that is best applied as mixture with granulated fertilizer. It is however effective even when applied on its own. It is listed as an allowed substance by the U.S.D.A.’s National Organic Program. The humate powder enhances nutrient transfer, increase the soil cation exchange capacity, water-holding capacity and structure of the soil, as well as its aeration, tilth and workability.

Saraitei talks to Sadhana Forest Kenya team member about Asilee, its use, how and when to apply to the tree seedlings

The local community and project staff were happy to learn that with the two products, they were sure to cut down on the amount of water for the tree seedlings and that the nutrients that had been added to the soil would not be wasted due to leaching or fast release. The project team was left with Nhance Foliar to be applied twice at an interval of 4 weeks and Asilee for top dressing after 2 months.

** Mr. Aasit Shah is Director and Mr. Saraitei Memiri, Field Staff of Organix Limited, Nairobi Kenya.

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  1. Hello,

    I am contacting you on behalf of my organisation. We are looking to plant some trees in Nairobi to help Kenya achieve its goal of 10% coverage. If you have any information regarding appropriate areas for this. Or have any planting projects coming up, I would love to know more.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance. Kind regards

  2. Hello? Thanks for the good work you are doing for our country & the fellow citizens of Kenya & the world in general.
    I am a Somali, high school teacher by profession who has passion for touching lives esp those around me.
    Can you extend the same help to Wajir County people who share the same challenges our Samburu brothers face.
    I am ready to partner with you guys, offer the piloting land & if required cater for the cost.
    Abdi Guhad

    1. Hello Abdi, thank you for your interest.We would be most delighted to work with you. I will send you details in your e-mail.

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