Earthlee, Nhance and Absorber used to plant and maintain grass in the coastal region

Here are some tips to get your lawn looking beautiful and healthy

The best way to feed plants is to maintain a healthy soil. Because grass is long term, it is best to look for eco-friendly ways to enrich the soil supporting your lawn. Use a slow-release natural organic lawn fertilizer. A soil test before planting or adding any fertilizer is good idea.

If you establish the measure of the soil’s acidity or alkalinity (pH balance) then you will decide whether to add lime or not. Liming raises the pH balance of the soil i.e its makes soil less acidic.

Most grass varieties do well away from shaded areas. Try and remove any shade casting objects around your lawn. Sufficient sunshine means less moss and weeds.

Lawn maintained with Earthlee, Nhance and Absorber at the Coastal Region
Lawn maintained with Earthlee, Nhance and Absorber at the Coastal Region. Apart from enhanced growth, there was significant reduction in the watering frequency

The best grass has deep roots. Soil should allow for at least 15 cm in depth of the roots. Use a root boosting product to strengthen the roots and be careful not to cut the grass too short

To promote grass vigor, the grass should not be cut too short as it undermines root development. When the grass is below 5 cm there will be higher chances of weed and disease problems


If you occasionally have human or ‘motor’ (car) traffic in your lawn or grass, then it is a good idea to aerate. Another way is to check the root’s depth i.e. how far the roots extend. If the roots do not extend past 3-5 cm, the soil should be aerated – to get the much needed air to the root system

Type and level of maintenance depends on the grass variety. Some require more water or sunshine than others. Make sure that you select the most suitable for your location

Watering is important. Make sure the grass is getting enough water. The amount of water depends on the variety of grass. For example, Arabic and Zimbabwe grass require frequent watering. You must have noticed how lawns go dormant (turning brown & dry) during the hot and dry season and bounce back to green in the rainy season.

With a good watering programme that incorporates water retainers (Absorber) it is possible to maintain the green and lush color on and off season.

See our step by step guide to get you started with quality input for enriched soils, enhanced root mass, safe pest control and conservation of water

Lawn grass varieties found in Kenya: Arabic, Buffalo, Cape Royal, Carpet, Kikuyu, Maadi River, Paspalum, Pemba, Variegated Pemba, Bermuda, Playmix, Evergreen, Shaddy mix, Tiff Sport, Tifton and Zimbabwe grass

Landscaping: Maadi River Grass
Maadi River Grass: Left side treated with Organix products. Control side (right) not doing as well

IMPORTANT: Seek expert advice on the most suitable grass variety for your location or climatic conditions..