Kleanup – Charcoal Deactivator (10 litres)

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The use of activated carbon or activated charcoal as it is commonly known is because of its ability to attract and hold a wide variety of organic molecules on its surface.

This process is known as adsorption. The ability to adsorb is directly related to the surface area and pore site distribution. The surface area of the carbon used in the manufacture of KLEAN UP is vastly increased over conventional charcoal by an additional process that honeycombs the charcoal further developing the pore structure. This process increases the surface area to such an extent that the contents of one liquid ounce of KLEAN UP would have more surface area than that of an entire footfall field.

KLEAN UP will disperse well in a spray tank, so do not use any wetting agents with KLEAN UP as they will tend to be adsorbed by the carbon using up precious surface area.

KLEAN UP may be used as an aid to transplanting by preparing a root dip, or by adding a small amount in with the transplant water.

KLEAN UP may be used to de‐contaminate spray tanks, reducing soil contamination from oil spills, protecting seeds, and enhancing seed germination.


KLEAN UP effectively ties up organic toxins from soils to provide a safe environment for new or existing root systems.

KLEAN UP is a flow able suspension of activated carbon manufactured specifically for agricultural applications. It is widely used in agriculture as a soil amendment to protect and enhance plant and turf grass growth and vigor.

KLEAN UP can be used when over‐seeding or early germination is required. Prepare the seed bed as usual, then apply KLEAN UP at the rate of 1‐2 litres per 100m squared to the soil; then proceed with the seeding operation.


Spills: Apply 1‐2 litres per 100m squared of contaminated area. If spill is severe, apply full strength and wash into soil and root zone area 10‐15 cm. deep.

Sprayer Cleaning/Neutralizing: After pesticide use, fill spray tank halfway with water, then add 1 litre of KLEAN UP per 100 litres of water.

Fill the remainder of spray tank with water and circulate through the system for 10 minutes, and then the nozzles for another 10 minutes.

Drain system and rinse with clean water until all signs of KLEAN UP are gone.

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