Earthlee – Humate Powder (200g) – 3pcs

Kshs 660.00

• Very fine 80% Humate powder free of sodium and heavy metals
• A natural chelating agent
• Increases the cation exchange capacity
• Frees locked nutrients in soils
• Encourages beneficial micro-organism activity
• Improves the water holding capacity of the soil over time
• Improves soil structure over time
• Coating onto granular fertiliser reduces loss of nutrients (leaching)

EARTHLEE is an ultra-concentrated, extremely pure, naturally occurring 80% Humate powder which contains no traces of sodium or heavy metals. EARTHLEE supplies to crops the active ingredient of Organic Matter i.e. humus which is readily available in an easy to use and cost effective dry powder form.

EARTHLEE accomplishes the normal function of organic matter and there by reduces the need for bulk application of organic matter in the soil. The 53 micron particle size of EARTHLEE, 90% of which pass through a 270 mesh screen, makes it ideal for even distribution in soils. This particle size makes it ideal for even distribution in soils. This particle size makes it one of the smallest for dry humate powders available anywhere. A micron is one-millionth of a meter or one twenty-five thousandth of an inch.

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Over time, EARTHLEE will enhance nutrient transfer; increase the Soil Cation Exchange Capacity, water-holding capacity and structure of the soil, as well as its aeration, tilth and workability.

The regular use of EARTHLEE helps improve quality and quantity of yields as well as the overall health of plants and trees. EARTHLEE contains a large quantity on carbon and natural bio-stimulants which promotes a healthy soil ecosystem in which beneficial soil micro organism populations thrive.

The application of EARTHLEE will help release locked nutrients in the soil e.g. phosphates, iron, calcium, etc., making them available to the plant. Increased general vigour, improved root systems and a darker greening of foliage are among the first results which may be observed within 1 to 4 weeks after application.

EARTHLEE always works best in the presence of nutrients. Macro and Micro elements are better absorbed and utilized by plants when applied with EARTHLEE.

Always apply EARTHLEE right from the start of your crop.

EARTHLEE is a dry powder designed to be mixed or formulated with fertilizers. Prior to planting or top dressing fertilizers, thoroughly mix 1 – 2Kg EARTHLEE with every 50Kg of granular fertilizer like TSP, DAP, MAP, NPK, CAN, Urea, etc. Make sure that the fertilizer is evenly coated.

Coated fertilizers have the following advantages:-
1. Efficient use of the fertilizers by making them slow release thus reduces leaching of essential nutrients due to excessive rain or overhead irrigation.
2. Helps in introducing humates into the soil.

EARTHLEE may be used in organic crop production and is listed as an allowed substance by the U.S.D.A.’s National Organic Program.


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