A botanical suspension for rooting



Oxin is a botanical suspension for transplanting shock and establishing good root systems. It can be used at various stages of plant development to improve overall plant growth and crop quality thereby increasing yields. The product can be applied as both foliar and drench applications.


Nitrogen (N)………………35g/Lt
Potassium (K)………..…..1.0g/Lt
Sulphur (S)……………400mg/Lt
Total Alginic Acid……..10mg/Lt


Ideally, Oxin should be applied in the early morning or late afternoon

Seedlings 500ml / 100Lt water Drench seedlings tray directly after drilling the seed to stimulate uniform germination and root formation.
Transplants 500ml / 100Lt water Dip the roots of the seedling into the solution before transplant or alternatively drench the transplants just prior or after transplanting. Will decrease mortality and stimulate root growth.
Seed Coating 500ml / 10Kg seed Apply directly to the seed and mix thoroughly to form a uniform coating on each seed. Will increase germination and stimulate initial root formation.
Vegetables 0.75Lt – 1.5Lt / 100Lt water Apply as full cover spray during the first 4 weeks of establishment at 7 to 14 day intervals. Will stimulate growth and decrease mortality.
Potatoes 200ml / 100Lt water 4Lt / Ha 2Lt / Ha Soak the seed potatoes into the solution before planting.. Apply a second application at tuber initiation (approximately 80% emergence). Repeat application 10-14 days later.
Ornamentals 0.75Lt – 1.5Lt / 100Lt water Apply as full cover spray at 7 to 14 days intervals throughout the growing season.
Avocado & Mango 3Lt / Ha Apply two sprays: 1. Early flowering, and 2. At petal drop, before lignification of flower trusses. All sprays can be positioned with calcium (Ca) sprays
Small Grains 2Lt / Ha Apply at 1-2 node development