Water Retainer

    Okoamaji is a water retainer that:
  • Reduces watering frequency for irrigated crops
  • Reduces leaching of nutrients
  • Enhances plant growth through continous availability of water and absorbed nutrients
  • Helps to aerate the soils by expanding when absorbing water and contracting when releasing water
  • Degrades naturally
  • Ideal for short duration crops

Water retainer ideal for short duration crops


Forestry / Tree Crops - New Planting 5 - 20g per planting hole At the time of planting, incorporate into soil depth then cover top 5cm with untreated soil
Vegetable / Fruit - - wide spacing crops
Tomatoes, cabbages, peppers, watermeon, etc
Apply 1 - 2g per planting hole At the time of planting
Cereals / Pulses
Maize, wheat, beans
5kg per acre Apply with fertilizer and seed at time of planting
Grass / Lawn - New planting 20 - 40kg per square metre Broadcast at time of planting and incorporate into soil depth of 10cm. Cover with 2cm untreated soil
Soils / Substrates Potting Mixture 1 - 2kg / 1000L soil /substrate or potting mixture Thoroughly mix with soil or potting mixture