A seed dressing for use on barley, beans, grain, sorghum, maize, oats, rye and wheat to improve early plant growth.

• Enhances seed germination and growth.
• Easy to apply.
• Increases Crop yields.
• For use in seed dressing on barley, grain, sorghum, maize, oats, rye and wheat to enhance early plant growth.
• Non toxic, environment friendly and ecologically safe.

Scientific research has shown that ‘nhance’ enhances seed germination, better root systems leading to efficient utilization of soil nutrients resulting in good top growth.

What is nhance?
Nhance is manufactured from freshly harvested seaweed with addition of micronutrients using a unique process that does not involve the use of chemicals, freezing, heat or dehydration. This “cell burst” technique ensures that the delicate growth regulators are released in their active form. nhance should be used in addition to your normal fertilizer programme.

Seed treatment
Treat the seed directly before planting. The treatment of the seed can be done with an automatic seed treatment machine, with a cement mixer or with a rotating drum. Fill the drum not more than two thirds of its volume with seed. With the drum rotating slowly, apply nhance at the recommended rate of 100ml per 10 kilo seed to ensure good coverage of the product on each seed.

Rotate the drum until the product has dried on the seed (3-5 minutes). Do not mix the seed longer than is needed. Do not expose treated seed to direct sunlight.

Note: Ensure that the seed is completely dry before planting. Calibrate the planter with treated seed before use.

Directions for use
Use as a single treatment on the seed or in combination with microbiological inoculants, fungicides or insecticides. Treat seed only for planting purposes. Do not use treated seed for human or animal consumption.

Dosage: Use nhance at a rate of 100ml per 10 kilo of seed.

Treatment at planting:
This treatment can be done with a mounted applicator unit on the planter. Calibrate the applicator to ensure that the required dosage is achieved. Apply nhance at a rate of 100ml per 10 kilo seed, diluted in the required amount of water per hectare, directly onto the seeds in the planting furrow before the seed is covered with soil at planting.

Zn 2.0%
Mn 0.5%
Ecklonia Maxima seaweed extract 34.26%