When plants are moved from one place to another, they get ‘shocked’. We look at how to manage this form of plant stress in tree seedlings

Plant transplant shock is caused by harm to the plant roots, during the transplanting process. Newly planted tree seedlings have to adjust their new growth to the new environment. Sometimes newly planted trees die as a result of the move and this is death from transplant shock.

Different plants cope with the transition differently. Some will do well in the new environment, while others may completely die.

To minimize transplant shock here are some measures to take:

Get healthy seedlings – Before you buy or uproot seedlings from your nursery to its new home, make sure there is no sign of disease, pest or root damage

Minimize disturbance to the seedling roots – The most important roots that are necessary for the transplanted plant to survive and thrive, are farthest from the plant. They are like thin, tiny hairs which absorb the majority of the water spread throughout the soil away from the plant.

‘Scoop out’ as many roots as possible – The more healthy roots you take out with your plant,  the lesser chance of transplant shock to occur and the more likely it will survive

Ensure good depth and space  – Use appropriate depth in the ground for the planting hole. The hole should have good drainage to allow extensive root systems to develop.

Good Location – Make sure you choose a location that fits the plant’s needs and the appropriate depth in the ground.

Water immediately – The seedlings will need water to survive, so give them plenty of watering immediately after transplanting.

Add root booster – Once tree seedling is transplanted and properly watered, encourage plant root development with a root development product like Nhance Foliar.

Nhance Foliar is Organix product that is certified for organic farming and is beneficial for plant development. It is made from seaweed extract which contain cytokinins that have been scientifically proven to stimulate plant growth with greater vigour because they mobilize nutrients in the leaves.

Application instructions for application of Nhance Foliar on tree seedlings:

  • 1st application as root drench on the same day as transplanting at 0.5% of 5ml / litre water.
  • 2nd foliar spray 4 weeks from first application 0.3% or 3ml / litre of water applied to runoff.
  • 3rd application as foliar spray 4 weeks from second application at 0.3% or 3ml / litre of water applied to runoff.

Remove dead parts – To help your newly transplanted plant, remove any dead parts like dried leaves, branches, or stems.

Keep an eye on the young tree plants – Sometimes newly transplanted material is attacked by pests and insects. A plant in shock doesn’t need the extra stress brought by pests.

Nhance stimulates plant growth

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