There are three main rules of watering:

  1. Use a well-drained substrate. When the root substrate is drained and aerated, proper watering can be achieved, giving the plant desirable texture and structure.
  2. Water thoroughly each time. It is important to water all of the substrate each time the water is applied so that the water reaches the roots and produces a healthy plant.
  3. Water before moisture stress occurs. You should water just before moisture stress occurs. The result is a properly aerated system as well as healthy root development.
  4. Use a proven water retainer, Absorber or Okoamaji when planting

Saving water in the soil is without a doubt the easiest and most effective way to manage the water flowing through your land. If you need extra irrigation, however, the water stored in your soil isn´t easy to access. For irrigation, you´ll use water that you store in cisterns or tanks. This water can be harvested either from the sky in the form of rain or through capturing water from a spring, river or another source of fresh water.

For a plant to grow properly, it obviously needs water. That water resource, especially when limited, should be focused on the root area. While sprinkler systems, to name just one example, indiscriminately spray water over entire fields of plants, drip irrigation systems can focus water directly to the root zone of the plant where water is needed. Absorber can keep the water just where it is needed.

ABSORBER is a super absorbent anionic polyacrylamide polymer. When water comes into contact with ABSORBER it is drawn into the molecule by osmoses. Water rapidly migrates into the polymer where it is stored. As the soil dries out the polymer releases up to 95% of the absorbed water into the soil.

  • ABSORBER increases water holding capacity in soil
  • ABSORBER reduces evaporation from soil
  • ABSORBER can reduce watering frequency by 50%
  • ABSORBER protects the environment against drought and ground water pollution
  • ABSORBER improves the physical properties of soil through aeration
  • ABSORBER limits the losses of water and nutrients due to leaching
  • ABSORBER enhances plant growth through continuous availability of water
  • ABSORBER degrades naturally in the soil
  • ABSORBER will last up to 5 years in the soil. It is recommended for trees and large plants, coffee, tea, mango etc.

OKOAMAJI will last up to 1 year in the soil and is recommended for short term crops, i.e. vegetables