Area: Nairobi and Limuru. 
What: Application of #asilee and #absorber on #grass and #dipladenia after a 2-3 week period. We observed that the treated sections had more foliage, bigger leaves and greener compared to the untreated parts.

☑️ Asilee enhances the microbial activity in the soil #greenharvest

☑️ Absorber absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients #waterretainer

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Close up view of dipladenia plant . The untreated (right side) showing more yellow on the leaves. The section treated with Absorber and Asilee (right) has bigger leaves , more foliage and greener
Dipladenia crop on the right has bigger leaves and is greener compared to the left
A close up look at the treated and untreated sections of the lawn. Despite the dry weather, the section treated with Absorber and Asilee is lively
Partitioned section is greener and shows more vigor compared to the rest of the field